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h50 high temps


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hello folks,


getting pretty high temps with my h50




asus p5qpro socket 775 motherboard

e8400 overclocked to 4.0 (445x9)

voltage to cpu is default at 1.2375

win xp pro w/ sp 3

using coretemp to monitor the temps


temp at initial windows load is 38 and 40c

after an hour of prime 95 the temp is up to 65c

this was with the corsair fan and after watching the corsair youtube video for installation instructions


today I took out the corsair fan and put in a mad dog turbo 120mm fan and an antec tricool fan. same direction for airflow. cool air outside into case. antec tri cool on other side of radiator also blowing from outside of case into case. Change in temp went from 65 to 62. Mad dog fan is screaming fast.


radiator is slightly warm. about as hot as case metal.

radiator pipes are also slightly warm

cover for heatsink is less warm than the pipes and radiator.


can't hear the pump but maybe it's me. should I hear anything coming from it?


tried with and without running off motherboard headers with the fan and pump. No difference.



seems like I'm not getting much of a change in temp from my zerotherm fz 120


is 65 high for an e8400 with default volts?


Thanks for your help!

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65 sounds a bit high but H50s really push out a lot of heat once you get between 70C and 80C.


And haha @ blurt outs, guess they don't want the competition. Here you go corsair support: XXXXX!!!XXXXX!!!XXXXX!!!


The tri-cools are great fans. 78CFM with great static pressure. Try puttting a fan shroud between the push fan and the radiator. You can make one from a cheap 120mm fan. Just cut out the inside and mount it on there.

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Corsair H50 is a total piece of crap. Sucker is now reading 40C idle today. Under load with killing floor the thing is now at 67C. Thermal limit on this thing is like 72. And this is with default volts! Geesh. I was doing better with my air cooler!


No response from tech support when I posted this problem a while back in anther thread.


I bought the h50 because I thought corsair made high quality components and I watched a youtube video by corsair touting how awesome this cooler is compared to an air cooler. What a mistake.


To their credit I do have some corsair vengeance RAM in another system which has been working great so far.


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Please don't hijack other people's threads. I've moved your post back into your original thread. Also, you state tech support didn't respond. They did, 16 days ago.



I'm a hijacker now. Guy is complaining about his temp on the h50 and I complain about it. Wow. What a hijack. Like it's really going to change the flow of things.


I didn't get that message they responded. Room temp today. 70F. Guess you can say it's amazing that the cooler can cool it down a few degrees lower than ambient temp. Impressive!

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this is what Wired meant! you missed it on that page!!

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Default Thread Subscription Mode: "choose one!!!!"

then click "thread tools at the top and choose "subscribe to this thread"

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  • Corsair Employees

Then if you have tried remounting and moving the Pump and fan connections lets get an RMA and replace it.


Mine idles at about 34-38 C with 70 Deg F room Temp and if the room temp gets to 85 Deg F it will go to about 51 Deg C at idle.

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Hi Ram Guy,


Are you running an E8400? I'd hate to send this thing back and pay to return ship it if it turns out that's a normal temp for that chip and those volts.


Would it make more sense for me to email their tech support first to see what the normal temp would be given my specs?


Right now it's idling at 40,40 with a high (no games - just web browsing at 53 and 55). The pump fan is plugged into the CPU connector. I have two 80mm fans sucking the air into the open case through the radiator. Temp outside is 65. I'd say temp inside my room is a little higher b/c the windows are open. Maybe 68F.


Also, if I remove and reseat this cooler should I remove the compound with alcohol and put on some arctic silver 5 (that's the best compound I have right now. I also have some AS 3 which is easier to get off though for CPU removals. AS 5 hardens like cement).


Thanks for your help!

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  • Corsair Employees

I would suggest Shin-Etsu Thermal Compound for our coolers, if you use arctic silver I would only use the ceramic version AS5 or mix it 50/50 with some ceramic compound and apply it to both the CPU and cooler almost so its too much.

Also why are you using 80MM Fans, why not use the 120MM Fan that comes with our cooler?

And you would want to the fans so they suck air out side of the case blow air over the radiator its best to positive pressure when trying to cool.


Oh and almost forgot what are the fans rated at that you are using?

The fan we bundle is rated at 68CFM at about 2000RPM so if the fans you are using cant pump that much air that may be part of the problem not to mention it sounds like it may not be setup quite right for best cooling.

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Sorry about that. I mean 120mm fans. I didn't read my response carefully. :)


One of the fans is an antec tricool -




Looks like that is rated at 79cfm at 2000rpm.


The other one is a maddog multimedia 120mm fan




that one appears to run at 60cfm at 1800rpm.


Got the fan set up like this:


outside of case

antec fan


mad dog fan

inside of case


fan flow direction is going from outside to inside of case


I got the fans hooked to a rheostat to control the fan speed. If you think it might help I can replace the mad dog one with the corsair fan and see if that helps. I'll also remove them from the rheostat if you think that might help too. Want me to change the fans around and post my results?


You think it would be unusual for it to be a pump problem? Is it okay to have the pump hooked to the cpu fan instead of the chasis fan?

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Your sbest bet would be to use two identical fans. You have one that runs faster at a higher pressure slamming air into a slower an. That causes turbulence and the warmer air to hang around in the rad longer . Two identical fans would give you a steady smooth flow of air through your radiator and would be alot more efficient.
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