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2nd Failed Performance 3 128gb SSD


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Bought my first corsair product, a Corsair Performance 3 Series CSSD-P3128GB2 a few months back. Fast, fast boot ups under win7.


Well, about 2 weeks in the drive failed and after going through the "no news and no way to talk to anybody" RMA process I got the 2nd drive.


Re-installed everything AGAIN.


I guess I shouldn't be pissed, I got TWICE the life out of the rma'ed drive I got out of the original. Hell, if I can get this one rma'ed sometime in the next month or two I might even get to use it for TWO WHOLE MONTHS.


This product is a piece of crap and I'd really just like a refund of my money. I notice the price is dropping on newegg so I'm guessing corsair's lousy track record with ssd's is starting to affect their sales. Cost me 314 bucks. After the 1st one died I noticed on newegg it had dropped to 284 bucks...now it's down to 254 bucks.


Who do I see about refunding my money so I can buy an Intel SSD?

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can you call customer service in a few hours when they open? im certain they will work with you to resolve the issue one way or another.

since this does not seem like a technical issue there is not much that can help you through these forums other than RAM GUY requesting the drive be sent to him for further testing to see why it failed.

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didn't come here for an economics lesson on ic's.


came here to bitch about a lousy product and the non-committal, lack of information customer service process that seems to be corsair's forte.


Bottom line is I need a drive that will work for more than a month and it doesn't appear I can get it from corsair.

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