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HS1 - Static noise/Speakers faulty?


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I'm having a problem with my Corsair HS1 USB headset where the sound constantly shifts from having a nice clear bassy sound to a tinny sound, and I can hear static when it shifts. If I mess around with the volume control it seems to go back to normal, but sometimes that doesn't help either. It seems completely random... but happens most often when I move around. Sometimes if I stay completely still when its working it will stay that way, but this is extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient. I think that something might be wrong with the wiring, but I'm not 100% sure.


I've tried it on different computers and it reproduces these symptoms. I've taken extremely good care of this headset, so I'm pretty dissapointed that it only lasted me 2 months before something went wrong :(:

I ordered this headset from newegg.


Any help is deeply appreciated, thank you.

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