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F40 Issues

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Hi all,


I just got my Corsair F40 for my HTPC system but I'm having all sorts of problems getting it stable. The mobo is a GA-M78SM-S2H Nvidia 8200 chipset with onboard GPU.


The first few times I tried to install Windows 7, it would install all the way and them become extremely unstable, IE would hang, mouse still works, then bSOD, etc. I then tried loading the Nvidia AHCI SATA drivers from the Gigabyte website which then made the system more stable although I would still see a few crashes here and there. I then ran through upgrading W7 and installing my media apps but with the Nvidia drivers I had a lot of stuttering issues. Trying to fullscreen youtube would hang/stutter, etc., my media application Mediaportal would hang for 30+sec every couple of minutes, and stutter and crash.


I then reverted to the MS AHCI drivers and was able to play youtube in IE in fullscreen but the system stability is terrible. BSOD booting up, crashing constantly, etc.


Things I've tried:

-disable Command queuing on the Nvidia driver

-disable TRIM in windows 7

-tried Windows AHCI driver, original Gigabyte Nvidia AHCI driver, latest Nvidia AHCI driver


Should I just RMA this drive? Anything else I should try? Rather annoyed I have to spend so much time on this, I bought the SSD drive to replace a 10yr old 5400rpm laptop drive and for now it's giving me worse performance since I can't even use the system.



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I'd go for the rma if the only thing you changed was the hard drive and issues are popping up now. to verify though, pop in your old drive and see if the issues are gone on the laptop drive.


The old drive always played my media without issues, it was slow to load local files, but streaming media was fine.

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