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SSD disk suddenly blank

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I have a F120 SSD disk (CSSD-F120GB2). Suddenly it was completely blank. I hav scanned it with a recovery software, but it indicates no data at all. Earlier it happened somtimes that the computer said that there was no operating-system found. Then I could just reboot the computer, and everything was ok. But this time it does not help to reboot. The disk shows up in BIOS. I have testet the disk on three different computers. The disk shows up, but it is completely empty. The disk shows no partitions. The computer was set to use AHCI.


Is there any trick to get my data back ?


I will try to update to latest firmware to se if this helps. But I am not shure if the firmware update will destroy all data on the disk.

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Sadly, your data is gone. Sure take it to a recovery specialist. But what you are going to find is that these F120 drives have some kind of glitch that wipes them blank. Unfortunatly SSD's are blanked differently than metal platter hard drives. Metal platter drives would have to mechanically travel the read/write head to every sector on the disk and set it's magentic state to a certain value, this would take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Of course a very large magnet could do the same, but thats rare.


With an SSD, the controller can simply glitch and fire a command to wipe all cells very quickly. Also a power surge could do the same - however computer power supplies, resistors and other electronics are supposed to mitigate the issue.


I think what we have is an incompatibility with some computers/laptops/controllers/etc etc with the Force series drives. I really wish they would more *openly* investigate this issue.

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