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Low Performance - Drops from 150MB to 40MB in two weeks!

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Ive been using 2 corsair X32 in raid0 for almost 2 years, they were fine till 1-2 months ago, but lately they are useless.

Check this screen, this is right after a secure erase:





And this is the performance 14 days later:




- Trim enabled or disable means no difference.

- Already used Acronis Disk Director Suite 11 and no difference.


If someone can help ill be very happy.




System Info:

Win 7 SP1 x64


Asus P5E (X38 chipset)

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You will want to follow these steps to restore the performance.


I would suggest using Accronis to make an image of the drive (if you are using Windows) then use Parted magic to Wipe the drive under tools select Erase Disk and Secure Erase and then, install the drive on the system you will be using it as a second HDD and format it with the QUICK Option Only and 4k Allocation then test it with Atto again to be sure its running properly then delete the partition and image the drive back to its original image and you are done.
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You will want to follow these steps to restore the performance.


Hi, thanks for the reply


I already did that (more than once). Performance returns to the one showed in the first picture, but two weeks later its more then 70% slower, like in picture 2. Do i need to make this every 15 days?


Im thinking in RMA it, can i?

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Are you using these drives extensively?


Hello Synbios


No, i use them for windows/programs storage basicaly, no downloads and no rars/unrars, are made in the SSD. I dont use any prog that demands high disk usage.


Let me exlain better. About 2 years ago i bought them, performance was fine even 3 months later after the secure erase. Lately this does not happen anymore, im using the same PC and making the same things i used to do, but SSDs performance drops 70% in half month. The problem is that it used to handle more than 3 months, now it handle just half month. That cant be normal.

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It does sound like they were being used for a time.


However keep in mind actually that TRIM does not work in RAID arrays. You were running RAID 0 so that is certainly why your performance was being degraded over time. The secure erase always brought the performance back up to stock for you.

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