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A50 amd retention lever problem


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I bought the A50 cooler and installed it on a ASUS M4A87TD EVO MOTHERBOARD but I can't twist the lever all the way to lock it properly. I can only twist it like by like 30 degrees. If I over do it im scared it might crack as a cracking sound can be heard.


I am new to pc building and I still need to get windows 7 and install it.

Is there something wrong with the design because the lever doesnt turn like in the pdf (mounting info) on part 3.



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Nothing is in the way and it looks properly fitted, but its just not locking all the way. its already gets tight. It looks secure and is fully contacting the cpu and everything.

A little off topic

I was thinking should i return my A50 and use stock cooler for a bit as its getting it the way of my corsair vengence 2x4gb RAM. I cant use the same colour slots either. Or should I replace the ram for the other shorter corsair ones?

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