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Corsair Obisidian 650D Water Cooled Build

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My New 650D build





1. Components



CPU - Core i7 930 2.8 Ghz

Motherboard - ASUS P6X58D Premium X58

Ram Memory - Corsair Dominator 12.28GB

Graphics Card - EVGA GTX480 SLI

HDD - Corsair F120 SSD 120G, WD 1TB Black X 2

Case - Corsair Obsidian 650D

PSU - Corsair HX1000

120mm Fans - GELID Wing12 1500 RPM UV Blue 120MM 64.3CFM X 3

200mm Fans - Stock Corsair Fans X 2



CPU Water Block - EK-Supreme HF - Acetal-Nickel Rev 2.0

Video card Water Blocks - EK-FC480 GTX - Acetal-Nickel X 2

Ram Water Block - EK-RAM Dominator - Acetal-Nickel

Back Plates - EK-FC480 GTX Backplate Black X 2

Reservoirs - Koolance RP-402X2 Dual 5.25 (1 or 2 DDC Pumps)

Pump #1 - Swiftech MCP 350-02 DDC1 Quiet Water Pump

Pump #2 - Swiftech MCP 35X

Radiator #1 - Slim Dual 120mm Radiator XSPC RS240

Radiator #2 - Phobya 200mm Radiator

Straight Barb Fittings - Swiftech G1/4 to 1/2IN Barb fittings X 4

Clamps - Koolance 1/2"ID Tubing Hose Clamp X 4

Compression Fittings - Bitspower G1/4 to 1/2IN Straight Compression Fittings -SILVER SHINING X 8

45 Angle Compression Fittings - Feser Company 1/2"ID - 3/4"OD Rotary 45 Degrees Angled Compression Fitting X 2

90 Angle Adapters - Bitspower G1/4 Swivel Angled L-ROTARY Elbow Adapter G1/4 Threaded X 2

SLI Connector - Enzotech SLI VID Connector - G 1/4 - 1/2/3 Slot - Matt Black

Tube - ID 1/2” – OD 3/4” Feser Black (UV Blue)




2. Dual Loop setting Details & Airflow Details



a. First Loop


Reservoir -> MCP-35X -> 240mm Rad (Top Located) -> CPU



b. Second Loop


Reservoir -> MCP-350 -> 200mm Rad (Front Located) -> GPU2 -> GPU1 -> Ram



c. Air Flow


200mm rad - push & pull using stock 200mm Corsair Fans

240mm rad - 2 120mm Gelid Fans pushing air into the case

Exhausting fan slot - Gelid Fan exhausting air

Air Pressure - trying to get positive air pressure inside the case by 200mm fans and 120mm fans on rads all blowing air into the case and using one exhausting fan.


d. Water Loop Potentials


I could use loops in parallel but became lazy when i thought about draining and all that bleeding again..... it could improve my temps and so on not sure..





3. Installation & Details




-> CPU Block - Two Straight Compression Fittings installed. Tube appears as Dark Blue. Caused by UV in natural sun light.




-> Ram Block - Two 90 Angle Adapters with Two Straight Compression Fittings installed







-> EVGA GTX 480 SLI with Water Blocks and Back Plates - When installing the back plates, make sure back of your PCB doesn't make contacts with the back plate.

If they become too close to each other, please apply some non-conductive tapes between them.




-> Reservoir and Pumps - This Reservoir looks great and so on, but it was really hard for me to bleed all the air out.

When installing the Swiftech MCP-350 pump, you will have to remove the plastic mounting arms on the pump's case by just clipping.

It shouldn't be too hard at all. I wouldn't even consider it as modding (almost).

Assuming loops and locations of the build are similar to mine, best way to fill the liquids into both sections of reservoir is by placing the case on the ground front panel facing upwards and using the front fillports of the resvoir. During the bleeding process, i placed the case widow side facing upward and left it running both pumps for about an hour and then filled reservoir and repeated. Because of the design of the reservoir, pump closer to the window side may run dry so please watch for that.




-> 240mm Rad on top - using MCP-35X rpm control with CPU fan header of the motherboard to control rmp of the pump.



-> Two 120mm Fans on top - Due to the possitive air pressure in the case empty spaces around fans are blowing air out not sucking dusts in.




-> 200mm rad on front - Existing Fan slot of the case will not mount rad properly.

Bottom of the 5.25 bay pushes rad down and rad holes and existing fan holes do not match.

I left the stock fan mounted then used industrial both sided tapes to secure rad on to the fan (lol).

Well it is not the most secure and safe way to mount rad but i didn't want to make any holes on rad or case.

It is well secured and only problem i personaly see in this matter would be, "HOW THE ?#$% am i going to remove it later!"

Then i attached another stock 200mm corsair fan, using adapter mounting plate that came with rad.

There is a bleeding port (just one screw with O-ring) located on the of the rad which came handy when bleeding.

Make sure you give enough space between 5.25 bay and rad, so you can twist (unscrew) the port using long nose plier.



4. Overclocking, Temps, Benchmarks, and Noise



a. CPU Overclock & Temps : i7 930 2.8ghz running 4.2ghz



-> Idle Temp: 41C 100% Load Temp: 69C


b. GPU Overclock $ Temps : EVGA GTX480 SLI water cooled



-> Idle Temp: 37C 100% Load Temp: 56C



c. Heaven Benchmark v2.5 Basic



-> CPU & GTX480 SLI : Both Stock



-> CPU & GTX480 SLI : Both Overclocked at above specs.

I tend to have more gains during actual game plays (FPS)

I only benchmarked once for both tests. So there could be some room to increase or decrease



c. Noise - It is definately quiter than stock settings. Both 200mm Fans make bit of noise.

I placed some cusiony foamy tapes around Reservoir to reduce vibration noise of pumps and seems to help quite a bit.





5. Personal Thoughts of the 650D Build and Extra Pics




-> Layout of the Build








-> Pictures with UV light on



Corsair Obsidian 650D was quiter roomy to do internal water cooling. Build quality was nice and solid.

Temps could be better by installing another 120mm rad.

Side panel latches were not as ugly as what i saw and expected from pictures that i've seen online.

Overall fun build and great case to work with.

My English isn't great but i tried :)

Hope this Log helps people out with water cooling 650D.

Good luck and thank you for reading

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I'm thinking about using a Hydro H70 for the CPU in a 650D case. Is there enough room for the Phobya Xtreme and the 200mm case fan up top also? It looks like it might be too tight of a squeeze since the H70 is quite thick. On the other hand, it might work since the Phobya isn't as long as the dual 120 rad in these pictures.
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Hi would you say that all three stock corsair fans are pretty noisy for the amount of air that they push? I plan to sleeve all my case fans so I want to make sure they were decent before sleeving them.. Are the 200mm fans 200 x 20 or 200 x 30 mm?




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Excellent build, very well done.


How much space is there between the 240mm radiator and the top of the motherboard PCB? I'm trying to figure out the thickest radiator that I can get. At the moment I'd say 45mm is probably the thickest that I could go.

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Nice work, seongishere.


Can you please do some detail picture of the 200 mm radiator installtion? I have the same radiator here and decide to place it in this case.


It would be nice to see some pictures of your work.

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