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**The 800D Quad GTX 590 WC Overhaul**

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So my faithful gtx 295's took the back seat to gtx 580's in SLI, and they served me well, but even their day has eclipsed. So with the arrival of the GTX 590's I decided to do a complete system overhaul. CPU, Water Cooling, RAM, Hard Drives, PSU, etc.... below are the new system specs and some pics of the tear down...


Also please keep in mind that these pics were taken with my blackberry... so I apologize that they are not of the highest quality but it does the job!


Things I Kept:

Mobo - EVGA X58 Classified 759

Optical - LG Bluray Writer/Reader

Case - Corsair Obsidian 800D (modified to fit a radiator at the bottom)

Cooling - Fans and Koolance X58 MOBO Waterblock


The New Stuff:

CPU - i7 990X @ 4.2 ghz

Ram - 12 GB (2x6) of Corsair Dominator GT 1866

Sound Card - Fatality Titanum Xfi

Watercooling - 12 ft of Tygon Tubing, Koolance RP-452X2 Res/Pump Housing, 2x PMP 450 pumps, 1x XSPC Triple Rad and 1x XSPC Dual Rad, Swiftech Apogee XT, and OF COURSE IC Diamond Paste

Power - Coolermaster 1200W Silent Power Gold

Storage - 4x 128gb ******** M28 SSD's

And finally, the crown jewels - 2x EVGA GTX 590 Classified HydroCopper cards



After running the system to bubble out and burn in. Here are my GPU Overclocking results using Afterburner (Voltage tuner doesnt support 590 voltage yet):

Core Voltage (.925): 1.000 mV

Core Clock (607 ref/630 classy): 775

Shader Clock: (1200 ref/1260 classy): 1550 MHz

Memory Clock: (3414 ref/3456 classy): 4000 MHz

Temps: 34c idle and 42c under full load. As Tributar would say.... "Absolutely Phenomenal!"


Start with the end....



My sad excuse for a workbench...



Lets get to plumbing!!!!



Two Pumps in a single loop with separated tanks = Double Pressure at the head....





Raid 0 Much?



1000W wouldn't cut it anymore....



Now all they need to do is figure Octo-SLI....



I love the full coverage back plate!



Almost done plumbing!!



Done with sleeving and she is alive!!!



note the triple rad up top and the double down bottom....



Side panel on...



Backed up....


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