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Intel DP67BG and 2x of CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8


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I'm planning to upgrade my system to cope with the new workloads I'm facing on the next months.


Got an Intel DP67BG motherboard along a i7-2600K CPU and needing 16Gb of RAM. Planning to get 2 sets of the memory of the Re: (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8) looked on the net for compatibility with 4 modules at the rated speed (1600Mhz). Found nothing saying Ok or not compatible.


Did you made any internal testing with 4 modules and the added load for the IMC present on the i7 at such speeds?. Which settings?. Just wanting to assure that I do not incurr on an expensive mess in memory. :biggrin:



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Ok. Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately dealers here in Spain told at first time that 16gb 4x4Gb from Corsair weren't available or told me a horrible delivery time (5-6 weeks minimum). That's why I choosed 2 2x4Gb.


Been a long time customer from Corsair memory, they served me really well and wanted to stick with you, guys. :biggrin:

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