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What is the hold up?

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I guess, if you can't tell, I am what you would call a Corsair fanboy. A title I hold proudly, as I will support any company that covers all aspects of everything they do right. From customer support for the rare occasion that your products are broken, to the rock-steady products that you pump out, everything you do has a note of excellence attached to it.


You decided to start making PSU's? Why not have them modular? Done. Why not make them some of the best PSU's you can spend money on? Done.


You move on to Cases. Make them builder friendly? Done. Aesthetically appealing? Done.


SSD's? Been there.


Headsets? Knocked it out of the park. Quite possibly the best purchase I have made in the past two years.



So my question is simply this. When are you guys going to start making mobo's, vga's, and your own processors so I can leave behind the bickering that is the world of Intel/AMD? :laughing:


Fingers are crossed here.

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