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Thought you would get tha PSU for cheap with a rebate, think again!


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Incredible! I picked the PSU from Corsair only because it had a 20 Dollar rebate, that made it competitive with another product, now after two months, having sent in all the documents on time (within the 21 days) I get the notification


Unfortunately, your submission has not qualified and a notification has been mailed. You should receive it by February 2, 2011.


That is a lie! I called the rebate number and after 2x 1.5 hours on the phone, they told me that I am mistaken, but that if I have a complaint I can send them all the documentation again!!!


WTH. I sent in the sticker and the original invoice and everything! They know that very well. So here is what I think:


To companies like Corsair rebates are a way to charge you as much as you will possibly pay. Richer people don't even ask for them, they get to pay more. Poor suckers like me, will beg and whine for the rebate and end up paying less. There is one problem though:


The rebate company wants the big cut. They essentially run a scam. I have talked to many other corsair buyers and over 50% did get their rebates canceled due to absurd grounds.


now a message to corsair representatives here: Don't give me the innocent "we don't handle that stuff..it's a third party"! You are making your salary off my purchase - and I purchase because of that rebate. I am sick and tired of corporations and greedy little scammers living off my hard earned money. Seriously, I will make sure all of my friends and colleagues know about your rebate scam...and that is 200 Game developers...And I will make sure all of my friends who didn't get their rebates back spread the word. I have done this before with another product with great results. so there you go. Thanks for your time.;):

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I got scammed too. I purchased one of those memory in December 2010, and now it's March 2011 i still did not receive my rebate. i checked my status online and they said they did not receive all the required documents. I mailed everything as asked on Dec. 30. Now what should i do? i don't have all the bar codes and forms anymore. This is a scam!
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I purchased my SSD vs. a competitor because of the rebate, did everything asked, spent the extra money to mail it in ... Just checked status a few month later ...


Submission Status


Pre-Registration Date: your pre-registration was filled out on 12/30/2010.

Documentation Date: your documentation arrived on 02/09/2011.

Documentation Status: your documentation is invalid.

Unfortunately, your submission has not qualified and a notification has been mailed. You should receive it by April 13, 2011.


That is complete ..! I sent the document Middle of January. Well within the perscribed period. Now they will probably point the finger at Canada Post and make me run in circle. This rebate is a bunch of scam and successfully robbed me. My mistake, should have spent my money with a competitor who didn't go with a phony rebate scam.


This is really greasy of you people at Corsair!

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  • Corsair Employee

JoeBoxer, kevinsc, BobbyKav:

First thing I am sorry that you are having a problem but Rebates are not processed by Corsair or the respective reseller they are all processed by a third party who specializes in Processing rebates. And as far as I know all companies use this same method when offering Rebates.

If you have a problem with the Rebate, the first step would be to contact the Rebate company and find out exactly what the problem is, in many cases the issue may be easily resolved. If you have done that and still cannot get a resolution then CONTACT our Customer Service they will do their best to help you.

But posting on our forum we are Conning or scamming you is not going to help you get your rebate and if you persist with that I will have no choice but to ban you from posting on the forum per the forum rules.

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