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TX950 and the +12V


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I don't have a meter...


I just ran the Benchmark test from EVGA OC Scanner with the CPUID HWMonitor started and when the voltage dropped from 10.54 to 10.48...bamm the system froze.


But, let's say that the value (10.54v ) is incorrect and lets say that the 12V rail voltage varies...this could be the cause of my system to freeze, right?...what can I do in this situation?

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without a meter to properly diagnose voltage fluctuation, its impossible to tell.

if you are convinced its the PSU you are more than welcome to request an RMA with the link on the left.

be sure to be detailed in your description of the problem.

i still highly recommend borrowing a meter and seeing the real voltage yourself. it may save you a couple weeks of waiting for another PSU as you will have to send yours back first.

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