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h50 fan upgrade push pull


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hello, I am new to these forums, so I am not sure if I am posting this in the right section...


anyway, I currently have a H50 cooling my q6600 however at 3.6 ghz(1.5v) its getting to hot 80 degrees system shut down with linpack test of occt.

I already changed the fans around so cool air gets pulled in from the outside of the case and I have added a case fan to the h50 as well so it now has a push pull config.


however I am looking for new performance fans, most people recommend low rpm fans cause of the low noise but my system is already noisy cause of the case fans(NZXT Tempest evo) and cause of the AMD Sapphire 6950.


I have been looking at the Scythe Slip Stream SY1225SL12SH, 120mm cause it has high airflow and not to much noise,

I have also been looking at Ultra Kaze 120 mm 2000 rpm cause its a bit bigger(120 x 120 x 38 mm instead of 120x120 x25 with most other fans)

it seems to be ok however the 3000 rpm kaze has better performance but is the 3000 rpm not to loud?

it seems to be much more noisy, however my system is already quite noisy. so I don't know if I would hear the difference.


also if any one knows any better fans I am open for recommendations, however don't come up with low noise low rpm stuff unless it performs equal or better to the one's above:roll:


also where can I buy a shroud or do I have to make those my self?(I live in the Netherlands)

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my Q9550 o/c to 3.5 with the H50 idles at 38 degrees cel and 55 degrees cel under full load.i have it in a push pull with panaflo fba12g12m1bx 120x38 and 86cfm.i also do not plug the H50 pump into my motherboard header,if i do my temps raise by 12 degree cel.

i use a sunbeam fan controler.

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under 1.5 v it's not running stable in linpack.

also I have ordered 2 Scythe Ultra Kaze 3000rpm.

im going to put them in push pull and see how it go's


patchesanook: would it help if I put my pump in to one of the system fan headers on the motherboard and let it run at 100% instead of having it running on the cpu fan on the motherboard?

as I do not have any fan controller.

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Make sure your CPU fan is set at 100% in the BIOS or hook it directly to the PSU. I sounds like your are under volting the pump. I have and old box that has a Q6600 in it at running Prime 95 (no O.C.) it won't get over 50 deg Celcius. Also, are you sure the pump is seating correctly? That will cause major temp problems too.
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