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Nova v64 not found except in bios


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Just got my nova 64gb today and the only time i am getting any sort of confirmation it is in my computer is in my bios. it is listed as a drive just as any other hd i have ever used would be, however, when trying to boot with it it does not work. I get a message that says something about inserting bootable media. Also when i boot using my current drive i get a windows notification telling me its driver has been installed or something, basically saying the device is ready to use. however, when i open my computer it does not appear.


So basically my computer knows it is there but is not letting me use it! please help me, i feel an RMA is not necessary and there is some other error I cannot find.


I have tried setting it into AHCI mode as well as windows too. Thanks again for looking, I really dont want to try an RMA because I feel it is not broken. I think I am missing something!

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