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Issues with HS1


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Basically i purchased this headset and had it for roughly 20 mins before I noticed I


1. Could not adjust the volume


2. When I went in game I heard a high pitched ringing in my ear which makes the game unplayable.


So basically the first issue is w/e and by not being able to adjust I mean I press the + and - and nothing happens sometimes my mic randomly mutes when I do this.


I've read that the issue for the high pitch noise could be due to a high cpu usage or something? so basically i moved my headset to the front port because i heard this helps which it helped lower it a little bit.


Then by adjusting the hardware acceleration (lower) it removed the noise all together granted it made my games (Street Fighter 4 and Battlefield Bad Company 2) Sound like crap


I have the drivers located on the left with windows xp sp3


Also i noticed the microphone seems to pick up all the sound in the room even outside the room at the lowest setting.


So far the only positive thing i can say about the headset as of right now is the comfort level fits well on my big head lol.


So my real question is there any known fixes for the high pitch noises while running higher end games or any news on driver updates I mean basically id like to attempt to get my headset working before i try to return them

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Another thing now after about 4 hours of use the speakers both sound blown even at half volume since my volume control doesn't work


Constant shaking crackling sound normally i wait for a response but i don't have time to wait around so I'm returning and getting something else.


Also I'm going to have to tell my friends and the people who i work with who purchase headsets on a regular basis not to go this route at least maybe till later

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I mean that could be a possibility if i didn't use this on my work pc home pc and laptop lol


Also the headset has broken by shorting out one side stops working the volume control where the + and - buttons are shove through to where they mute the volume instead of changing it


But thats if they even worked in terms of adjusting the volume I've tried these headsets on windows 7 xp vista volume control has never worked


2 shorts on the left ear and right ear rattles at 30% volume and before mistreating of the hardware comes into play both the shorts where within 30-1 hour of opening

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