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So Ive got a new build and have been trouble keeping it running. It will randomly shut down even in bios.By randomly I mean usually within 30 seconds, I used to be able to get into windows for a couple minutes but not anymore. I RMAd the board and the new one does the same thing. Its not a cooling issue since the cpu sits at 38 idle. Interesting was the computer when crashed would "flash" the lights on the fans and MB for 1 sec like it tried to restart.

I used to be able to hit clr cmos then id have to power cycle the psu to be able to turn it on as all it would do everytime i hit the power button was flash the lights like it tried to start. Now no matter what I do it wont start, just the quick flash of the lights and fans and then I have to power cycle the psu to try again as the power button doesnt work after that until recycled.

I pulled a old ******** 400w supply out of my 5 year old comp, the old psu only has 20pins instead of 24 but tried it anyways. Well The computer has been running for a solid 2 hours in bios no shut down, I cant boot into windows it keeps saying theres a hardware error. I believe its because my old PSU doesn have enough power.

So judging by the fact that I get the same result with 2 of the same model MB's, and it goes away with a old 400W PSU it seems like the Corsair TX750W is bad? I performed the paperclip test and it passed it.

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So an update to the thread....


I have tried using the corsair tx750w again to see if it worked and some how it powered up this time. It still gives me a BSOD while loading windows, crashes even in bios, and wont resart or respond to the power switch after a crash.

So it seems I still have an issue with the corsair psu but theres another issue involved as well. I have been trying to get to repair windows 7 (new install) but it crashes when loading windows.

Whats odd is in bios with an old 400w psu the comp would run all day but changing the psu back to the tx750w results in crashing in bios and what not.

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