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is 400cx can be used with i7 950?


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Hi all,

I'm upgrading my DAW PC and want to use my existing Corsair 400CX PSU.


I already bought Motherboard Gigabyte GA-X58A-UDR3 (rev 2.00), Corsair Memory (Value) OR (as an option) Corsair XMS3 (tripple channel 3 x 2GB), and Intel Core i7 950 processor.

My VGA is old GF8500 GT 256MB PCI-e


I'd like to know can I keep my 400CX to use it with all these new hardwares?

Is the power has enough stability to run this machine?


I'll have at least 3 HDD Seagate Baracuda.


I've boot-cycle problems right now if using USB keyboard with this configuration, I hope this is not the PSU issue.


Thanks alot in advance.



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Checked out using the PSU finder on the left, and it looks like you may be pushing it. Min it's showing is 450W. There is some leeway in the PSU finder though, but you'll still be pretty close to the max of your PSU.


Don't see a USB keyboard causing that. Have you tried different USB ports (front and back) or a different USB keyboard?

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