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I am confused


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Ok, this is why I am confused:


Speedfan says my CPU Temp is hitting 70 Celcius (and Im not even putting much load on my CPU!!!)


Core Temp 0.99.8 says my CPU is at 18 Celcius at the exact same time


I am using the corsair H70 Liquid CPU Cooler, and my Processor is an AMD 2.66 Ghz Quad Core Processor, and I got a full size computer case.


If someone could help me out as far as seeing which program is correct! For the time being Im trying to find a 3rd software that can give me a good reading.


Oh god I hope Speedfan is dead wrong otherwise ill have to go through the crap of returning the H70 and slapping my V8 CPU Air cooler back in.


EDIT: I found a software called HWmonitor. The temperatures it is showing me match Core Temp just about exactly, but I would still appreciate public opinion because I am really worried that there could be a chance that Speedfan is right and both Core Temp and HWmonitor are wrong.


ANOTHER EDIT: I restarted my computer and looked at the CPU temp that the BIOS was displaying (without of course allowing much time for the CPU to cool back down), and it said 28c

Once again I would like more opinions other than my own, but there are many places to take temperatures from. Usually the Cores themselves are at most 10 degrees Celcius hotter than the outside of the Chip where the cooling system attaches. Im wondering if maybe the BIOS is seeing the internal chip temp. while CoreTemp is seeing the temperature of the outer surface of the chip. Once again another opinion is appreciated. I am only 16 and for me 1400 (what I spent of my desktop) is a lot of money and I wanna do all I can to not lose my pc to overheating.

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two things, software readings are notoriously inaccurate, and secondly you cannot run 2 temp monitor programs at the same time (in case you did) as they cancel each other out and give VERY false readings.

the closest you will ever get is the readings in the BIOS.

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