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Freezing up (not at all)


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Hi guys


I'm new at this forum so i would appreciate your help :).


I got a computer that i'vent used for a year.. i moved to another country a year ago and since that no one has used it.


I came back for Christmas and i tried to turn it on but the only thing i got was a black screen :(.


i managed to turn it on.. and installed win7.. since that I've been having problems


my computer freezes randomly when i got both of my mem modules in... i tried changing the volts.. cleaning up the mems.. lowering em down to 800mhz... trying the unganged mode... and nothing works.


when it freezes the comp makes a weirdo sound.. like a 'SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS'... i thought it was the hard drives but i disconnected em from the PSU and the sound continues..


the weird thing is that it always freezes when im using chrome or just listening to music... i tried playing cod black ops.. and it work flawlessly..



what could it be pals?


thanks in advance...

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