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Seriously frustrated with Corsair


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After tallying up the total dollar amount of products I've spent on Corsair products I seriously feel I should be a stockholder and granted a 'gripe session'.


I have always enjoyed Corsair products and always recommended them but I'm seriously at my end with the most current round of events.


Two weeks ago I notice my OS locking up randomly and freezing, immediately recognized a ram issue and Memtest confirmed. RMA approved, just waiting to send it out when I have the time.(just a single stick bad, no bad slots)


One week ago I notice my computer would not power on so I checked my power cables of my HX1000W. The 24pin cable is 'loose' and if gently moved shorts out. It stays still and I was going to address the issue by buying a 24pin extension.


Finally, today my 3rd Nova 128 ssd is starting to crap out on me. I've purchased three of them and the two before had to be RMA'd within 1 year. The issue I'm having looks to be leading towards rma, but I'm trying to troubleshoot the issue.

So, I'm done griping and just want Corsair to realize that it's extremely frustrating to support a company both financially and through reviews/word of mouth while having to accept multiple issues.


I will contact Corsair via the telephone unless a moderator would like to PM me further. I hope to resolve my issues quickly and re-post good comments soon. Until then I'm bitter. :evil:

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Went ahead and gave a phone call to tech support just now. They quickly helped move all the items to be returned to one single rma, even more so since this is a repeated issue they requested the shipping be provided. I'm thankful for Corsair standing by their products and making appropriate action in the sake of their customers.


I'll keep this updated with more details as they come. Thanks for the help guys!

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