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Corsair Survivor GTR 32 GB - not performing as advertised, other issues


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Good day,


I have recently purchased Corsair Survivor Gtr 32GB. as stated by manufacturer the speeds should be: Up to 34MB/s sequential read — 28 MB/s sequential write


I have done several tests (HD Tune Pro, real world tests) on multiple computers. I am yet to see the read speeds higher than 28.3MB. Am i missing something here?

It is currently formatted as NTFS.


I also have an older Corsair Survivor GT 8GB , also formatted as NTFS and it is virtually identical to the GTR in read speeds.


TO add to this issue, the GTR often freezes computers(XP, Windows 7) after it is plugged in (the blue activity light is blinking rapidly as if it is reading something) and only after the Flash drive is unplugged the computers recover from that lockup.


Am i dealing with a defective unit?



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Thank you very much for the speedy response.


I have updated the drive to the suggested firmware.

Unfortunately, the maximum read speed now fell to 26.4MB formatted as NTFS

When formatted as FAT32, it was well below 26MB. tested using the HD Tune Pro 4.60.


I often get to work with files that are larger than 8GB so FAT32 is not an option for me.

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Got HDBench figured out (couldnt open LZH format)

Here is the result:








FORMATTED AS FAT32 (using Panasonic formatting tool):


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  • Corsair Employees

Can you test these in another system and what is the current system configuration? What other USB devices are attached and is the drive on its own port or is it sharing with another USB device?

USB hubs will share two ports and can only provide so much power these require 350 MAmps to function at full speed and most hubs will only provide 500MAmps shared on two ports.

However you can use the link on the left and request an RMA and we can try and swap the drive but testing on another system would help to verify if that may be needed.

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