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AX850 + Silverstone FT02 case


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I bought Corsair AX850 PSU and FT02 Silverstone case and i'm not sure how to place my PSU.


in the Silverstone manual it says to place it in the way that air is blown outside the case through it's roof. Not possible, because this PSU is shaped differently. it can either blow the air inside or through the back.


The problem with the back is that it is partly (1/3) covered by the case, and only in 2/3 there are small holes.


on pic11 i placed it that it is blown inside, on pic22 it's the other way


on pic11 you can see that PSU will be partly blocked by the case if you turn it around (i mean, it's fan)


what do you advise? how should i place it?



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I have both the Silverstone FT02 and a Corsair AX750.


It is correct that it doesn’t line up to cover the hole of the intake fan, but it isn’t much of a problem.


I just covered the part of the intake, that the PSU doesn’t, with plain gaffer tape. It is IMO important to make use that the cool air doesn’t escape this way.


Regarding the placement: Just place the AX850 so its fan takes in fresh air from outside, NOT from the inside.


Then enjoy a nice quiet and cool setup. :cool:


Best regards, CoreStoffer

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i think i made a mistake of assuming that the opening part of the fan is the direction where the air is blown, but i guess it is other way around - it is being sucked.


so here http://forum.corsair.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=7831&d=1294319600 it is positioned incorretly and it is actually sucking the air from the inside of the case? and i should rotate it 180 degrees so it will suck the air from the roof ?


is this is what you mean?


and thanks for the gaffer tape tip, i will do that :)

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Yes, that it the wrong way to do it.


The fan should suck fresh cool air in from the hole in the back of the case, and the back of the PSU should point upwards.


The Silverstone Fortress FT02 is actually perfect in this way for the AX850 since the hot air can easily escape upwards even when the fan is not running. :cool:


Best Regards, CoreStoffer

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i remember that if you remove back PSU filter dust, you can mount your PSU without problem but you can't use the filter dust


i never tried to force it, as its made from plastic that might can broke it


so even it might hotter i put the fan inside

afterall it will push hot air flow to up side and

from what i know many PSU case still get air from inner not outside

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