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800D Side Panel Fan Mod


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I have been working on a side panel fan mod for a couple of months now. I started with a Silverstone FN181 fan with the matching grille and filter. There was a dramatic drop in temps across the board. I believed that the performance could be greatly improved. I swapped the FN181 out for the Silverstone AP181 Air Penetrator fan and added Silverstone Aero Slots. I also blocked the front 2 rad grilles to prevent air from the bottom fan from being blown out the top without passing through any components. The recent mods exceed the performance of the lone FN181 especially in GPU and chipset cooling since air is now being directed on them. The other advantage of the AP181 is that there is a "high" setting for those hot summer months.










The idle temps are from the system running for 30 mins after booting up. The load temps are the highest observed temps from a 1 hr session of Battlefield Bad Company 2. All temps were from the side fan running on the "low" setting.

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