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Can low voltage in 3.3 rail cause GPU problems?


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Hello everyone.


I have a Corsair 850TX in my system(other specs are in the profile)

Everything works fine, except when I run anything 3D (games, 3D benchmark etc.) the screen goes black with the "No Signal" message from the monitor.


First I returned the video card to the retailer. They tested the card with various 3D applications but couldn't reproduce the problem and sent it back to me. Card was fine.


I changed the MoBo, but same problem still continues. So MoBo is not a problem either.


The only thing seems wrong is, PSU's 3.3v rail producing only 2.9~3.0v.

I have confirmed this with both software and hardware PSU testers.


So my question is, can low 3.3 rail voltage cause this problem?


Thank you.

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