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Gigabyte GA-H55N-usb3 Need help picking memory

House of Stein

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New member posting, Hi and Thanks in advance!

I'm building my fifth modded system, and have always used Corair, AND their Memory Configurator Tool without a problem. But I'm a bit uncertain this time.


Mobo is Gigabyte GA-H55N-usb3. It's a 2 memory slot mini-ITX board and I'll be using an Intel i5-650 CPU. I won't be overclocking, as STABILITY is my main goal, but I like to future proof and I handle very large files so I am always trying to squeeze the most out of a machine. I have everything picked but the memory. I'd like to install 8 GB of memory, and that's where all the QVL lists I looked at fell short.


Gigabyte's online QVL for memory was not too helpfull. It was built around the Lynnfield processor, I'm using Clarksdale. They had a short section at the bottom of the list which did not name the processor, so I wasn't comfortable with that. An email to Gigabyte techs got me a reply that basically listed some high end memory stick meant for overclocking with HUGE fins on them. I'm OK with the heat sink fins but these were gigantic and may be a big problem in a mini-ITX case. I also wasn't a fan of the brand.


Intel's list only specified "use 1066/1333" memory for best results. Ok, so according to Corsair's configuator tool, that leaves me with the CMV4GX3M1A1333C9 unit, only available in a 4GB stick, NOT a match pair of 2X4GB.


This is my first machine with DDR3. I always thought that you needed "matched" pairs. Is the production control so good these days that I can buy 2 individual sticks of 4GB and just shove them in?


I'm open to any suggestions advice, (maybe 8 GB is crazy unnecessary), But I'd like to give it a shot since the prices are so good and Win7 64 bit will allow it. Maybe I'm not confined to 1066/133 either.


I'll be looking foward to hearing from you!.

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Wow, How did you find that? I'd like to know where I went wrong.....

I didn't see that coming up under the Motherboard list....Apparently, I didn't go through the whole site. I went straight to the Configurator Tool and tripped over myself.


Yes, I thought of waiting for Sandy Bridge, but I built a new rig for the wife and my brother a few months ago and I am still using a 95 watt Pentium Leaf Blower.


I'll be building an HTPC this Summer, by then I will have the final info on the new Intel CPU's. Also, Intel's been dragging feet on USB3, and that is a source of concern for me. Hence my first Gigabyte rig.


Thanks so much. I'll have to kick around here for a while. the old forum I hung around in shut down unexpectedly some time ago!

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