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CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 and XMP problems and stability


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XMP problems


Hello there i am currently working on the a build with the follow specs:

i7 950 stock settings


2000mhz corsair dominator GT also tried 2000mhz XMS 3 cas 9





corsair h70 cpu cooler

AX1200 corsair PSU

3x corsair f60 ssd raid 0

2x E VGA 470gtx

cooler master HAF X

sony blue ray odd


BIOS 1 : 1102

BIOS 2: 1202


XMP doest work with ether kits.. it fails to pass detecting memory.


BTW an ASUS rep few days ago said there is nothing wrong with their board (concerning my xmp not working), who told me to contact corsair.


After that i went to manual settings


What i am interested in is getting my memory to 2000mhz at the correct voltages and settings. Thats why i was stressing about XMP because i care for more stability then speed.



so far what i had was

9-10-9-27 1.66 (instead of 1.65) i tried both

cpu to 1.20v (auto)

blck 143

22 mult


QPI /Dram if i set it to auto: it goes to 1.55v!!!!

if i set it to 1.25 ( which XMP tries to set it to ) it stops at detecting memory.

i tired 3.75 3.8 3.5 O.O these settings get it to go to once or twice but it eventually fails boot every other post and i have to clear cmos and reimput the settings.


another thing i have lost about 100 dollars or more in restocking fees because i have returned or exchanged and tested the following:

4 Rampage 3 Extreme boards,

tried with the xm3 and dominator gt (listed at the beginning of the post)

exchanged the i7 950 3 times

and changed psu,



BTW i own from corsair


CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 dominator 12gb 3x4 2000mhz

h70 p/p

3x corsair f60 SSDs

I am a dedicated buyer, so please help me get my memory to the correct factory settings

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Yes i copy pasted from another from because im still searching for a result.

Update: I was able to run a Memtest86+ with QPI/DRAM voltage at 1.4 but after 5 min in the test it shut down.

All the settings are the following


CPU mult: 21

blck: 143

dram freq: 2006

dram volt. 1.66v

cpu v 1.2(auto)

dram/qpi 1.4( it will not post boot any lower )

timings 9-10-9-27 2N

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