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CMT12GX3M6A1866C9 and ASUS P6X58D Premium


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Note: This problem shows up in various posts in Corsair's forums, including ASUS's forum (under "Ram not detected").


I have 12GB, six sticks of DRAM (CMT12GX3M6A1866C9) installed on an ASUS P6X58D Premium motherboard, Corsair Airflow Pro, H70 cooler, Antec TruePower Quattro 1200 (1200W) power supply, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, etc., etc.. Regardless of BIOS settings (default, mild overclock, XMP, extreme overclock...) when first powering on the system I see 10GB (five of six sticks, DIMM3 is always the suspect). The system will BSOD at some point, unless: If I shut down the system (power it off) then turn it back on within a couple of minutes all six sticks, 12GB, are visible. After the second power on, with 12GB available, the system is rock solid.


Moved DRAM from slot to slot, ran memtest (extensively), once the system sees 12GB there are no visible errors. I suspect a hardware limitation, perhaps the power transient from a cold power-on is too slow for the memory to wake up? Too much capacitive loading on the power rail on DIMM3? Another interesting tidbit is that the Airflow Pro shows the DRAM is there (the temp LED lights), but no activity for one slot when 10GB is visible to the OS. The activity LEDs all light when 12GB is visible to the OS.


I post this here for information's sake, as other Corsair customers have similar issues and I don't think it is the memory.


Additional information... I've attached screen shots from Everest Ultimate when only 10GB, five sticks of DRAM, are "visible" to the OS. Note that although DIMM3 is visible to Everest, it is "not installed". Odd.










All the RAM details, for all six slots, is identical, even when only five slots are visible to the OS:



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I did, and yes, I did, and yes, I did :-)


The problem is persistant, I've done many, many things both physical and in the BIOS and it remains. Really annoying, I've never seen this type of problem before (stable after hard restart), except on experimental hardware (not PC related, from another life). I've had bent pins before, the PCs in those instances were never really stable.


That being said, I may reseat the CPU (again) just to see. It's just odd that the problem is so common on this board. Note I have three other X58 systems (different MBs), and a number of older boxes, none has anything like this problem. I don't rule out a batch of bad sockets, maybe reseating (again!!) will work.

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