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SATA power connector broke - AX850


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I bought this power supply about a month ago to put into a new system that I'm building up, and it's worked fine. Quiet, no problems there.


The other day, one of the drives wasn't working when I booted my new system. Turns out of the SATA power connectors was broken, so the connector simply would not stay on the drive. That explains why the drive wasn't working.


This cable has two SATA connectors. How do I get a replacement? I'm assuming that this is covered under the warranty.



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No, however you may want to check your spam filter in case it caught the response. Have you logged in to the ticket system to see if there was a response there as well? What's your case number?




Ok, so a few weeks passed, with nothing back from Corsair. I've been travelling a lot for my job, so my attention was elsewhere. Then I sent an email to Corsair support asking about my RMA.


Right away, I got back a very nice email from support. Email said I did NOT need to return the old cable, and Corsair would send me a replacement. And when I got back home yesterday, the replacement cable from Corsair was in my pile of new mail.


Thanks Corsair. :D:

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