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Is there life after (the blue flash of) death? (Voyager GTR)


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Today my Voyager GTR 32GB nearly died on me. I got the intermittent blue flashing and the drive letter was recognized - but the drive was inaccessible. Nothing could be recovered with the usual tools.


I discovered this forum and found out about the recommended firmware upgrade. Luckily the upgrade worked and the drive is now functional, but a lot of important data was lost.


However, I admit to being somewhat reluctant to use the drive again to store my work. My question is - was the problem that triggered the near-death symptoms (and the loss of data) successfully resolved by the firmware, or can I expect non-stop blue flashing and the attendant loss of data again?


And secondly, does this firmware upgrade also solve the other common problem of this model - that where the drive suddenly appears as unformatted?


Thanks in advance!

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The firmware should resolve those issues however I would never suggest keeping data only on the flash drive; it is still a removable drive and as such has a higher chance of data loss. I would suggest you keep a copy of what ever you have on the flash drive on a system to ensure you do not lose any data.
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