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2x TWIN2X4096-8500C5 and the Lovely Asus P5Q Deluxe :)


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Hey guys!

Yup , another one.

Bare with me please , i know its alot to read , but i really need some advice.


Ok so , about 2 years ago when i built this PC , i had only 1x TWIN2X4096-8500C5(2x2g kit)

I thought i should add another one, so i did , identical kit, voltage and everything , its a copy-paste pretty much.


Then like 6 months in after i added the second set , wierd things started happening with the PC, it simply wouldnt POST after i opened it and upluged the video card , you know , clean the PC....


So i tought , well maybe i didnt plug the plugs in right , so i uplugged everything , pluged them back in , worked , i ignored this incident.


Couple of months later , it did it again , then i was like , ok its gotta be the PSU , turs out it was not.



Then i start getting BSODs alot of them , i run memtest , BAM alot of errors (yes i did disable the USB thing on the board), 6 to 8 Months it worked no BSOD no nothing with BOTH kits in.



So i read on the forums i gotta lower the ram speed from 1066 to 800 , and manually set the voltage and such (which the stupid board didnt do , the ram was pretty much running on standard JEDEC 1.8V)


It worked , i did memtest again , no errors , so i put the freq to 1066 again , with the manual correct settings in , ran memtest , alot of errors , so i thought , ok well it simply cant handle the stress , il leave it on 800mhz.



The test:


I plugged the ram into a Asus P5B Deluxe (i know it doesnt support all 4 of them), and it didnt want the ram (all of them4) , so i plugged in 3 of them , it POSTed then i set them to 800(which was max anyways for that board) and voltage 2.1 the works.

It wouldnt do all 4 of them , so i lowered the freq to 667 , and plugged in 4 of them ,worked.

I tried all possible combination of PSU + CPU etc etc from both of the computers, the P5B one would take it at 667 all of them and the P5Q wouldnt not even 1 sometimes.

Also plugged in the P5Q the old ram that i had from the P5B (4 mixxed sticks 1 gig each) it works like a charm (tho they are only 800mhz) i know thats not a good comparison but ....





The now:


The computer simply wount POST when i plug ALL 4 OFF THEM after i removed the ram and/or Clear the CMOS

If i plugin 1 or two IT MIGHT and i mean if it really must be bothered to POST <- The P5Q one ...



It wount even BEEP, it does Beep accordingly when i remove all of the ram

(does the same thing on BOTH boards with 4 of them at first run )



So im thinking the P5Q Deluxe board from my main pc is busted.


The question:


Is it a memory (the actual sticks ) or a mainboard problem ?


If i buy another mainboard will it do the same after a while ? (even if i set the from the first date to 800mhz and 2.1 v?)


Can i set the ram to run on 1.8v at 800mhz (so i wount stress the board too much) ?


I know its not guaranteed that it will work right with 2 sets (even if they're identicle)

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