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Found source of TX750W buzzing sound?


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I've been hearing an intermittent buzzing sound from the TX750W supply since I received it about a month ago. It's not an electrical whining sound, nor does it matter what the computer is running. It sounds more like a mechanical resonant buzzing.


For a couple of weeks I was trying to figure this out.


I've observed that the shield (or air baffle) inside the unit is cut or notched on one side...see the attached picture...the red circle shows the corner cut out on the plastic shield. Is this by design or was this a scrap piece of shield material used on the build of my unit?


When the unit emits the buzzing sound, I'm able to slide a zip tie down the side along the fan to just touch the shield and the buzzing stops!!! Yeah. The shield is vibrating...a resonant buzzing sound. In addition, I found that the shield sits very close to another component within the module (see second photo and red circle). It sits so close that I believe the buzzing is coming from the vibration between the shield and this component. As a test to this theory, a small zip tie was slid into the backside of the supply, and between the shield and this support. You guessed it, the buzzing stopped.


The cut in the shield may limit the rigidity of the shield on that side of the supply and be allowing the vibration to occur...which would otherwise not happen with a solid piece of shield material.


I've requested an RMA, but I fear that if this is a design or build flaw, I'm going to spend money and time sending my unit back and receive another with the same problem. This may be the root cause to a number of customer complaints about buzzing. Anyone else find the same issue?


Can someone at Corsair (or other customers) confirm the cut in the shield within my unit is by design or a defect in build?


Other than this buzzing vibration noise annoyance, the supply has been running great.


I hate putting myself out for a week+ waiting for an RMA cycle...is there any way to get a replacement before shipping mine back? I'd be happy to rework my own unit if it did not void my warranty...could Corsair send me a replacement (full size) shield and authorization to fix my unit?


I hope this helps others fighting with the same buzzing sound within their units.



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Any feedback from someone at Corsair? RAM GUY?


Anybody able to confirm the cutout in the shield on the TX750 as the design intent or a build flaw?


I use this computer daily and am dreading having it offline while waiting for an RMA on the PSU. Is there anyway to get the RMA cycle done faster?



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