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H70 fluid level


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Just bought a H70 and while lifting it out the box and looking at it all I could hear was the liquid sloshing about in it.


How full should it be? Should I be able to hear air in there?


When I connect the pump it sounds like a lawn mower untill I possition it so the air is in the RAD, then it's a lot quieter but still noisy.


The pump is running at just over 1400RPM, if I turn it down to 1100RPM it's silent.

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Ok took a vid, it sounds half empty!




Someone else also has experienced the same as me: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=90635


and a reply was "you might have air in the lines and that will mean a RMA." That suggests there should be no air, mine has a lot.


It looks like RMA time to me, which I don't really want to do but it's looking like this isn't normal so I have no choice.


Just need some advice form Corsair really.

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