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Power supply Rattling


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I had a new computer built by a reputable Canadian retailer (NCIX) about 3 months ago and it has treated me great until today (minus some obnoxious coil whine, even when moving my mouse - disabling C1E and speedstep made it quieter and limited it to only moderate loads ((gaming))


The PSU started making a rattle / chatter / vibration like / shutter type sound when I turned it on 2 days ago even @ the bios level and first boot, it does not change from any load levels - its just constantly there ... annoying me with its chattering.


I made a youtube video so you can hear it, the camera is about 6 inches away from the exhaust grill of the PSU.



What the hell is going on?

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The only bios settings I have tried are C1E and Speedstep as noted above - didn't change anything.


if anyone is familiar with the ASUS P6X58D-E bios and knows about any other power saving features (Asus likes to rename them with snappy sounding crappy names)it uses that might be causing this let me know.

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