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Pagefile.sys on SSD or HDD...?


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Pagefile on SSD or HDD?


I looked through this earlier - the corsair how to optimize your boot drive ssd and it says to move your pagefile to a non SSD.


So, then i go look at the FAQ from Microsoft regarding them, which has kindly been stickied, and this is what I read:


"Should the pagefile be placed on SSDs?

Yes. Most pagefile operations are small random reads or larger sequential writes, both of which are types of operations that SSDs handle well.

In looking at telemetry data from thousands of traces and focusing on pagefile reads and writes, we find that

Pagefile.sys reads outnumber pagefile.sys writes by about 40 to 1,

Pagefile.sys read sizes are typically quite small, with 67% less than or equal to 4 KB, and 88% less than 16 KB.

Pagefile.sys writes are relatively large, with 62% greater than or equal to 128 KB and 45% being exactly 1 MB in size.

In fact, given typical pagefile reference patterns and the favorable performance characteristics SSDs have on those patterns, there are few files better than the pagefile to place on an SSD."


so uh... should I move my pagefile back onto the SSD?


For reference, my SSD is an F120, and my OS and all my apps/games are on it.

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