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Replacing HX850 Fan


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Let me start off by saying I love this power supply to death, the build quality is awesome and it serves my purposes well. My only complaint is the noise. I've lately been tuning my system for complete silence. The last thing that needs to be dealt with is the PSU. It is quiet but its not silent. I've been contemplating selling it off and picking up one of the Seasonic X series PSU's but I'd rather not have to part with this awesome PSU. I've done my research and I want to replace the 140mm Yate Loon with something quieter, but I have a few questions.


I know I'll be voiding my warranty by opening the case but in the long run I think its worth it and I have the utmost faith in Corsair's build quality so I don't expect this PSU to fail anytime soon. I think the fan installed is overkill, even gaming at full load the exhaust air coming from the PSU is still cool and the fan doesn't spin up past its idle setting. My system is pretty efficient and I'm not running a ton of hardware that would increase power draw, I know the GTX 460 is also a low power draw card.


Is there a 3-pin fan header on the PSU's circuit board that I can just directly plug into? is the fan temperature or load controlled? lastly I know this question may be only answered by a rep but what is the idle voltage going to the stock 140mm fan and what is its idle rpm?


Thanks and Happy New Year :sunglasse

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