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4 GB is not enough


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I'm a very happy customer of Corsair! I have CMT4Gx3M2A2000C8, Corsair H70, and Corsair F120 SSD

I have a quick question Currently I have 2 pair of ram in my PC with the latency of 8-9-8-24-82-t1 @ 2060 mhz and my CPU clock is 4.3 GHZ

( Intel LGA1156 core I7 875k @ 4.3 Ghz)

My question is if I can buy the same kit again and do 8 GB of ram with the same settings in the bios with out struggling trying to get it work..

apparently I have 4 Gb and I don't think that it is enough..

Crysis Is a good example. Every time I play this game, it says that I'm out of memory...

Here is a photo of CPU-Tweaker


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No guarantee when mixing kits that weren't packaged / sold together. Also, I don't see a 4 x 2 GB 2000 MHz kit on their website. Best bet is to replace them with a 2 x 4 GB 2000 MHz kit.


Running out of memory on Crysis? What resolution / general graphic specs are you running it at?

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