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TX950W compatibility with motherboard


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Hello to all the team, good technical year in 2011, :biggrin:


I am writing because I bought a PSU TX950 March 4, 2010 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, as a reserve in case of problem or need higher amperage power for my computer system.


By pure chance, failing to buy other more powerful video cards, I have not had to use this supply in 2010.


But however, we are now in 2011, and my concern is to read topics on the forums about the problems of incompatibility between this TX950 and Asus-Asustek motherboards


I would like to know what motherboards are compatible with this PSU. Or at least those who do not.


I want to buy a motherboard, socket X58 or AMD.


For example, without excluding any other brand, I'm looking for:

Asrock X58 Extrème 3 or 6

ASUS Sabertooth X58

Rampage II Extreme x58

Rampage III Formula

X58 Rampage III Gene

Crosshair IV Formula


Are there only certain Asus motherboards are incompatible?

In other words, are there any motherboards from other companies that are not compatible?


I buy this TX-950 because I wanted a half load factor of almost 500 watts, because I thought the PSU would be much quieter and less heat.


Of course, as the amperage and quality of component allowed me to be confident in the stability of the voltages supplied. ;):


Thank you greatly for helping me continue to believe in the quality of your products. :p:




Here's the info I saw on my PSU:


Corsair TX950w





Serial No:

001015 09347201


My manual Document number:




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Thank you for the quick response, Wired :cool:


I would appreciate, however, for the sake of understand your message, rephrase your response so you tell me if i have understand correctly. Because my usual language is french.


I would still be doing pretty well. The problem has been ultimately resolved as in Asus than in Corsair.


The modifications were done to PSU by Corsair and to motherboard by Asus. This is exactly what has been done?


I read the phrase : ''so unless you buy a really old motherboard'' ...

What it really means in terms of months?


As of what manufacturing date should I consider?

What date marketing? Date of the official release of the motherboard? Date of Biois changed?

None of the four is identical and is confused. Thank you specify.


I read the phrase : ''you won't have any issues"...

I understand that there will be no problem if I buy one of the motherboards mentioned in my original post.


What does the corrections via the bios motherboards? The change of bios has she solved the problem with some old or new motherboard?


Thank you for reassuring me. :o:



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Tanks you Wired, :biggrin:


I greatly appreciate the info you give me.

I see you have a good heart. ;):


You could offer reassurance me more, saying if I can safely buy one of these motherboard?



Extreme 3

Extreme 6



Crosshair Formula IV is AMD

M3A32-MVP Deluxe

Rampage Formula III

Gene III Rampage x58

Rampage II Extreme X58

Sabertooth X58


Gigabyte :

Giga X58A UD3R

Gigabyte X58-UD5


Finaly is there a. pdf file like Data Sheet with a list of compatible or not compatible motherboard for TX950?



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