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HS1 Mic Volume too low


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I've got the windows recording volume maxed.

I can hear my voice clearly... it's just way too low.


Using windows sound recorder, if i speak in a normal voice, it is clear but super quiet. This is with system volume down around 20%.... that's where everything else sounds right.


If i crank the system volume, I hear my voice about normal, but everything else is way too loud.


This would be OK if i was using this as a recording device. But i'm not. I'm using it as a communication device, and this does NOT work as one.


It only works if the program i'm using (game, voip, etc) has a built in mic-boost that goes beyond what the windows system recording volume is.


I honestly havent tried re-installing yet, since I got no errors and my voice is clear (just quiet) ... I will try it though, and post a reply in here.

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there's another thread, i forget what it's called... but it has the solution for this problem.


Running windows xp? not sure if this works.


Windows Vista/7 it does. Go to the properties for your microphone / corsair usb headset, click enhancements tab, check Low Frequency Protection and Loudness Equalization. Hit apply, OK, OK, and you should be good to go.

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Thanks, but that's making no difference. To give an idea of how quiet it is, my Logitech Webcam Pro 9000's integrated mic is louder and clearer when I'm sitting 3 feet away.


I really hope there are other suggestions, as I don't want to go through the dicking around of RMAing these.

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