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I was just wanting some advice on my system. I am no more than a slight shade tree cputer enthusiast I guess you can call it. I don' believe I am getting the most out of my system. I was thinking baout upgrading to a 64 bit system and I would like to max my ram out for my board. The ram I have is all Corsair and my specs should be listed. With the ram I currently have is what I would say non matching ram. 2 x 1gb sticks and 2 x 512mb sticks. My cpu use to recognize the 3 gig now it doesn't. Isn't better to fun with all 4 banks on my mbo full? Should i look at getting 4 sticks at 2gb each or what(obviously to max my ram for 64 bit system)? I would prefer to get some advice on what would be suggested for what I currently have. Thank-you for your time.
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