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Problem with the AX850 AC cable


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Hi there...


I have a problem with the AC cable that I recieved with my AX850. The prblem is it does not have a ground pin - instead it had a hole on the different side of the regular ground and two small copper crevices on the top and bottom.


When I plug it in it makes my whole aluminum case charged and it can be felt going through as an electric zap whenever handled - which is a lot..... even the smoothness of the aluminum is changed when you slide your fingers on it there is a sensation of a rough surface when the AC is plugged in.


When checking the AC wire I noticed that there was no symbol of the standards institution for my country (Israel)..... For this reason and the one above it I decided to disconnect the cable from the PSU.....


I have read somewhere that every device should be used with its own cable that came with it.....and if it came with or without a ground pin - it was designed that way and was meant to be used that way..... so i'm having a little dilemma about what to do - I don't want to damage any of my new components by using a wrong AC cable......It's a brand new build and I am getting paranoid.....


I wanted to ask anyone who knows if:


1) Have I recieved the correct cable with my unit?


2) Should I use it without the ground? or just use one from an old screen that has a ground pin?


3) Should I try to put a new pin in the copper hole (is it ground?) or should I connect a copper strip from either top or bottom crevice to the ground (is this the ground?)


4) Should I try to contact corsair and ask them what to do? I tried to earlier but it isn't that simple - I have to file an RMA to contact them and I don't need one - I don't know how to contact corsair for random problems like these.......


If anyone has a tip on what I should do I would thank them very much.....


Thanks again to anyone who read this,








The AC cable that came with my AX850 is a Linetek LP-33 and is meant for europe according to Linetek's site - I don't see a symbol of The Standards Institution Of Israel listed for this cable.....

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