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A70 Fitting


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Hi Everyone


I am putting together a new system and have decided to go with the A70.

After purchasing the products, I was warned by the sales that if I'm using the A70 that it might not fit in the 600T Case? I cant seem to find a maximum CPU cooler height for inside the 600T, I was wondering if anyone knew whether the A70 would fit or not?

Also, I was deciding to use triple channel dominator ram. But I have read that it might/might not fit due to the A70? And that using the XMS3 would have no clearance problems?

It would be great if anyone could help me out. Cheers.

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Though I don't have an A70, I do have a Venomous-X cooler in a 600t case. According to specs, the Ven-X is just a hair taller than the A70 (160mm vs 159.5mm) so I'm pretty sure the A70 will fit in the 600T with room to spare.


With the ram you may have a problem with clearance in the last slot or two, and tall ram. One A70 review claimed 40-45mm clearance between the bottom fin on the A70 and the top of standard ram without heat spreaders.


You can see in this picture that the 160mm tall Ven-X sits well within the 600T, which is a wide case. It's wider than the 800D/700D.



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