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Corsair HX500W Wrong Voltages?


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I bought the 500HX PSU to replace a broken standard 300W PSU for my new GPU and hardware upgrades.


After installing the new PSU and running it there was signs of life, CPU fan, GPU Fan and case fan running.


However there was no display so i thought it could be the GPU so i took this out reset the CMOS in order for the on-board to be used. Still no display.


I then needed to test the motherboard so i put the new PSU in another PC which was already working (this PSU used a 300W PSU). To my horror even this PC didn't display nor beep. To make sure the PSU was infact dead i put in the old 300W PSU and the PC was POSTing as normal.


Now the weird part, in the 1st PC (one which had the broken PSU) the new corsair 500HX PSU would sometimes work (PC POSTing and display).

I noticed that when the PC was functioning correctly the CPU Fan would be slow and that there was hard drive activity. This was because the motherboard received the correct voltages so allowed the PC to POST. The BIOS then regulated the CPU fan. So that is how i knew the PSU was functioning as intended.


The times it didn't work (90% of time) there was no CPU fan control or hard drive activity. The CPU fan would be at full speed along with the GPU fan and case fan. I believe this is because the PSU isn't supplying the correct voltages on the voltage rails and the motherboard basically won't allow power through unless there correct.


So in conclusion the 500HX would work only sometimes (3/30 attempts of turning it on). However it hasn't worked since the first few attempts.


Thanks for reading.

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