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XMS2-8500 Clocks at 800MHZ But not 1066

Akira Claymore

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About 4 years ago I bought the Dominator series. And it seems after going through two motherboards, it still has yet to prove that it actually is 1066mhz. Maybe I just don't have the right kind of motherboard. I tried checking to see if my board is compatible but the link to it is currently down. Is there something I'm missing? My motherboard "claims" it can do up to 1066mhz supporting 800 and lower as well. oddly though, in the bios, on auto it says DDR2 800. But when I go to change it from the drop-down menu, I only get up to DDR2 800.


Then I remembered, "oh! the ram sticks should go on the other two dimm slots for that type of ram" the manual to my motherboard (in tiny print) said that if I ever adopt DDR2 1066 ram, its recommended that you put them in slot 3 and 4. oddly, once I did, there was no difference. It still said 800.


Is there anything I can do, or should do?

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1. 400 MHz IS DDR2-800. DOUBLE Data Rate (has nothing to do with dual channel), so 400 MHz = 2 = 800 MHz


400 MHz = ACTUAL speed

800 MHz = EFFECTIVE speed


Use CPU-Z (link's on the left), and check out the speed under the MEMORY tab.

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