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Brand new H50 with damaged fan.


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What a crappy way to start the new year!


I just bounght my second H50 for another build (WHS). Bestbuy is running a special on these at $59.99, which is what I bought the first one for.


So i'm visiting the in-laws for lunch and ran to a Best buy that is along the way to grab this gem up before it sells out again.



I got home, and opened it up to find that one of the fins on the fan is missing. It doesn't look like it was damaged in transit since the box on the outside looks flawless.


My Storm Scout comes with a case fan that I can use on the H50. But I really would like to use this in a push/pull the way I am doing with my current system (HTPC).


Bestbuy tells me to bring it to the same store that I bought it from. That'll cost me more in gas, tolls and frustration than it's worth.


If I RMA through Corsair will I have to return everything or would I just be able to mail in the fan? Even that seems more work that it's worth.


There's a yet another Bestbuy that I can go to near work, but is a bit out of the way.


What would you guys do? Much ado about nothing?

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going after work to a BB that is annoying to deal with typically, but better than treking to the in-laws neighborhood.


customer service at this location actually gets beligerent and rude towards customers - to the point where people call corporate right then and there.


wish me luck - i'll need it!

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aaaarrrghh! they don't have any more in h50's stock... so i can either get a refund or jump to the h70.


i don't want the h70. i'm planning on doing push/pull with this using the corsair fan + my storm scout fan, as i've done in my HTPC for 6 months w.o. issue.


i'm going to try contacting Corsair later today to see if they can send me a fan. if not, i guess return for refund. or buy a couple of fans from Newegg.

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