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HX 850 confuses me


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I never used a Corsair power supply, but I want to get a HX 850 W one day. What's holding me back is that it looks nothing like the Ultra X4 series, and I only used Ultra X4 PSUs in my rig before. I read the manual online, and it doesn't really help.


Take a look at the back of the Ultra X4



Everything is easy to distinguish, and the manual has a diagram what plug is for which part



Very easy for any user with experience to know what cables go where.


Taking a look at the backside of the HX 850W, if you ask me, is a lot more confusing.



The plugs aren't easy to distinguish between, and the manual doesn't have a diagram showing which plugs power which parts like with the X4. I have a Fan controller that needs a 4 Pin molex connector, and the X4 I know what cable to use, but the molex on the HX doesn't look a thing like the one on the Ultra X4 (I dont even see a 4 pin plug on the PSU), neither do the SATA power cables do. Can somebody tell me which plugs are for the 4 pin molex, and which plugs are for the PCI E, and SATA as well.


I think the manual for this should be improved, and for future Corsair PSUs, I think that the plugs should be easier to identify then it is right now

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You'll need to plug the supplied Corsair molex and SATA cables into the BLACK sockets pictured. Wired onto these cables will be plenty of 4pin molex connectors for you to plug your fan controller into.


You will also have a selection of SATA cables which also use the black 6 pin sockets pictured.


The blue sockets on the right are for your PCIe graphics cards only.


The 24pin and the EPS 12v 8pin cables (for your mobo) are those hard wired cables on the far left which are partially out of shot.

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Not complicated at all. The black ones are all the same type (some are upside down), and the same goes for the blue ones. If it fits, it's in the right connector, as you can't fit a cable in the wrong connector.


If anything it's SIMPLER than that other PSU because you don't need a diagram to connect the cables.

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