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Does AX850w support xfire 5870s out of the box?

mike gunnz

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Got my second 5870 graphics card plumbed into my water loop yesterday for xfire then went to attach the extra modular cable needed from the psu to the graphics card. Was surprised to find that the AX850w seemingly doesnt support multi gpu configs out of the box as despite 2 x 6+2 PCIe cables being supplied there arent enough headers on the psu. One of the two headers needed for multi gpu configs is occupied by the EPS 12v 8pin motherboard cable.


I've had to use a molex to PCIe adaptor as a temporary work-around but I'm really disappointed as I bought this supposedly premium PSU specifically for a crossfire rig.


Maybe I'm missing something blindingly obvious so if anyone else has had this issue with this PSU please let me know.

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