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XMS3 (3x2GB) compatable with AMD phenom II?


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I just up graded to the ASUS M4A78T-E motherboard and the Phenom II 6 core, powered with the LSP 750 pro and a radeon 5750. i bought 3 of the 3 packs of CMX6GX3A1333C9 DDR3 for both of my computers (same exact systems). the mother board does NOT use triple slots as the i7 does. it is duel so i my thought was i can get these ram cards for cheaper and put 8G of this ram in my system...


will i run into any problems in doing this... i put all 4 in, and played Aion. within 5-10 mins of playing, my system freezes. im not really sure what this problem is. PLZ help

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