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Startup Issue with 2 kits of TWIN2X4096-8500C5D


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Here is my issue I currently have been running the 4gb kit of Dominator-8500C5 and just bought a matching set to bump up to 8gb. But when I put all 4 sticks in my computer just continuously reboots and never makes it to the bios post screen. It however does startup with 3 sticks although slightly unstable.


Here is what I have figured out so far. All my dimm slots are working I know this because I orginally had a stick in dimm slot 2 and dimm slot 4 and I tested the new sticks of ram in dimm slots 1 and 3. The computer will boot up fine with the 2 brand new sticks so the ram is good also. Now I vaguely recall I had to tinker with memory settings in the bios to get 2 sticks to run stable but that was over a year ago. And from what I can kind of gather is possibly I have to slow my 1066 ram down to 800 in order to run 8gb? If so I am not entirely sure how to do that but I know I can do it if someone can walk me through it (would rather figure out how to run it at 1066).


I have not overclocked this system beyond whatever small changes over a year ago to get the ram stable the first time. I appreciate any help I can get.

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There are quit some things you can try.

1 Up the memory controller hub (MCH or northbridge) voltage by 0.1 or 0.2 volts.

2 Run at 800 as you suggested it is as simple as changing from 1066 to 800 in the bios.

3 make sure the memory voltage is set correctly

4 loosen the timings of the ram for example from 5 5 5 5 15 to 6 6 6 18

5 See in the bios if there are any settings that relate to mem compatibility.

On my P5Q I had to relax one of those settings to the max to run 8gb.


One to all of above points may be needed. Or your chipset might just not run with these 4 sticks (I bought a quad set just to be sure, see my specs) but on other systems I was always able to run 4 sticks eventually only that was 3 and 4gb total not 8gb.



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...and just bought a matching set to bump up to 8gb.

its only a matching set if all the ram came in one single package. mixing ram may never work right even at lower frequencies but hey, its your roll of the dice.


all im saying is dont get mad if it wont work at all, it was not designed to.


good luck.

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