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Please, need some help with fine tuning TWIN2X4096-8500C5D v1.2

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i got Corsair Dominator 2x2gb - TWIN2X4096/CM2X2048-8500C5D XMS850X v1.2...PSC.F-Die.......128MX8



and i have some problems running beyond 1080mhz



I have Gigabyte X48-DS5 and Q9450 Oc'ed >> 453mhz with ram 2.4B > 1087mhz


with these settings, but i can't seem to tweak them right..


memory enhance: Turbo




advanced timings available:

act to act delay (tRRD): 4

rank write to READ delay: 5 ((1) -i tried, 6,7,8,9,10)

write to Precharge delay: 9 ((2) -i tried, 10,11,12,13,14) > but always like so ((1)read6>>(2)write10; (1)read8>>(2)write12... with at least 3-4 number space between each other)

refresh to ACT delay: 68

Read to Precharge delay: 6

static tRead value: 8 (would like 7 if possible)

static tread phase adjust: auto

Command Rate (CMD): 2T


ram voltage: 2.1v i tried 2.15v or even 2.2v but it didnt matter much..

mch: +0.300v from default



and it fails windows memory diagnostics after 3-4run sometimes sooner..


i found out that those in bold are the most sensitive, read to precharge delay 6 should be ok, but i cant set other 2 right, maybe i need to tweak something else? any tips please. :):





atm im at 447mhz >> 2.4B ram at 1073mhz


memory enhance: Turbo


with these settings:













ram: 2.1v

mch: +0.275v

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ups sorry, i guess i posted in wrong section, thanks for changing it.



edit: i think i found something, im testing with windows memory diagnostic tool as follows: default setting/cache- ON for all tests (its off by default); usually if its something wrong it fails at 23-28% 1-2nd round or 6 or 11-12th round.. anyway i tested 453mhz(fsb) with ram multi 2.4B = 1087mhz (2.1v)


and it passed 22rounds with these settings on the picture.. hmm imo it looks 100% stable, well it happened that it failed two times at 21 round - 28%, with a bit different settings...




this is how it looks like with AIDA64 mem info




if i change Rank write to READ delay above 7-8 it disappears from the settings -tWTR 13T >> 5T :confused:

-tWTP is 8 in bios, real 16

-tRTP is 6 in bios, real 8


and bandwidth test; this is the best i can get with static tRead8, read speed and latency is a bit weaker compared to static tRead7



and after it passed 22 rounds with static tRead8, i tried the same settings with static tRead 7 and it failed at 12 round:mad:..it took a long time though and that made me think it can be possible, i just need the right setting, maybe even more ram voltage, i used the same 2.1V?


the thing is i've been tweaking for almost 8 months and i still can't bring this static tRead7 under control:whip: lol



i hope that's enough info:D:

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Hi, just a quick update



i updated my bios to F8H (latest) and i found out it wasn't stable anymore even at 1068mhz..


so now i used automatic SPD info and found out what's the cause, well it failed even at auto with these settings




advanced: 5-5-9-70-5- static tRead 7 - auto- 2T


it fails by either -plus LRAD or -Stride6 (cache enabled) that's those 23-28% by windows memory diagnostic, im saying this because it passed with mem test86+ 4.2 even at 1090mhz, while in windows memory diagnostic tool failed at 1st round 23%.



I decided to use 450mhz fsb and 1080mhz ram with +0.35v and mch +0.300v


and now it finally works with these settings




adv: 5-6-9-70-6- static tRead 7 -auto-2T


mem latency




although those 1087mhz would be nice too but it fails if i use memory enhance - turbo,


same settings but memory enhance- standard its ok up to 1092mz, although copy speed suffers and is allot slower ~8400mb/s compared to 1080mhz 9600mb/s..


anyway im happy with this :sunglasse

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